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Income Based Affordable Housing

Big Rapids Housing Commission owns and operates Parkview and Evergreen Village, which are income based family and senior housing. We are dedicated to our mission of providing quality, safe, affordable housing.

  • 1 bedroom to 6 bedroom
  • Utilities included in rent:
    • Gas
    • Electric
    • Water & Sewer
    • Garbage Pickup
  • 24 hour emergency maintenance service
  • Security cameras & Active Neighborhood Watch Program
  • 26 barrier free apartments
  • New playground equipment in the family sections
  • Laundry facilities available in three locations
  • Public transportation available; close to Ferris State University and schools

Did you know?

A single parent of 2 children making $8.50 per hour, 25 hours per week, and paying $50.00 per per week for child care can qualify for a 2 bedroom apartment and will pay approximately $187.00 per month for rent and utilities.

A family of five with both parents working 30 hours per week at $8.50 per hour and paying $200.00 per week for child care can qualify for a 3 bedroom apartment paying approximately $307.00 per month for rent and utilities.

Rent Calculation:

Your rent will be calculated on your ability to pay, according to a federally-defined formula.

Your rent will be either:

  • 30% of your adjusted gross annual income, or:
  • Our maximum rent (changed annually)

You will be given your choice of rental amounts at the time of your lease signing.